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improve your energy and shed stubborn weight while ​adopting a balanced lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Laureine!

I help overwhelmed and busy moms overcome ​their doubts and fears to successfully manage ​their wellness journey without giving up ​chocolate🍫

As your coach, I will guide you to achieve ​hormonal balance, lower cortisol levels, shed ​stubborn weight and achieve your dream body ​without restrictive dieting.

Break free from food obsession and embrace a ​balanced, healthier lifestyle.

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Client Testimonials

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Since I began my weight loss journey, I have had the incredible chance to be accompanied by Laureine, an exceptional coach whose impact on my transformation has been monumental. Her unwavering patience allowed me to progress at my own pace, without ever feeling rushed or judged. Laureine has this rare ability to motivate accurately, always finding the words to boost my morale in difficult times.

What particularly sets Laureine apart are the personalized tips and methods that she generously shares. Each piece of advice is tailored to my needs and lifestyle, making the application of its recommendations not only effective but also enjoyable.

Thanks to Laureine Makela, I not only lost weight, but I also gained a new perspective on health and wellness. She was much more than a coach; she has been a true pillar of support and inspiration. If today I feel more fulfilled and healthier, it is largely thanks to her.

~ Alicia 🇨🇦 (English Translated)

I would like to thank Laureine for her ongoing support and positive energy she has given me the last few months. I can speak to her without any judgement. Being a mother herself, she is approachable and relatable with motherhood/everyday challenges. She is such a great and enthusiastic person to be around ! You can't help feel energized and optimistic after having a conversation with her.

~ Adrienne 🇬🇧

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Depuis que j'ai commencé mon parcours de perte de poids, j'ai eu la chance incroyable d'être accompagnée par Laureine, une coach exceptionnelle dont l'impact sur ma transformation a été monumental. Sa patience sans faille m'a permis de progresser à mon rythme, sans jamais me sentir bousculée ni jugée. Laureine a cette capacité rare à motiver avec justesse, trouvant toujours les mots pour me remonter le moral dans les moments difficiles.

Ce qui distingue particulièrement Laureine, ce sont les astuces et méthodes personnalisées qu'elle partage généreusement. Chaque conseil est adapté à mes besoins et à mon mode de vie, rendant l'application de ses recommandations non seulement efficace mais aussi agréable.

Grâce à Laureine Makela, j'ai non seulement perdu du poids, mais j'ai aussi acquis une nouvelle perspective sur la santé et le bien-être. Elle était bien plus qu’une entraîneure ; elle a été un véritable pilier de soutien et d’inspiration. Si aujourd’hui je me sens plus épanouie et en meilleure santé, c’est en grande partie grâce à elle.

~ Alicia 🇨🇦 (Français)

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When I first started the coaching sessions with Laureine, I didn't believe anything would actually change in my day-to-day habits. I thought it would be just tips here and there and encouraging words but I was wrong. She has a way of making wellness into a lifestyle and not just a thing you do when you want to lose weight. She didn't give me a diet, but showed me what habits I had that were working against my wellness. She showed me that we can still have delicious meals and stay healthy and fit. She checks in everyday with ideas and tips and delicious recipes. I'm surprised that I'm now making conscious health decisions, choosing healthier options when I dine out or go out, not because I'm on a diet, but because I wanna feel great!💪☺️

~Gigi 🇨🇵

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